Adonis Golden Ratio

 What Can You Expect?

The promise which Adonis Golden Ratio makes to you is that your very masculinity, your male DNA, will allow you to slash pounds of fat from your body while building attractive muscle at the same time – if you know how.

Maximize attractiveness with John Barban’s Adonis Diet and Fitness system for men, based on the concept of the Golden Ratio
Maximize attractiveness with John Barban’s Adonis Diet and Fitness system for men, based on the concept of the Golden Ratio

We’ll look at that claim in a minute, but for the moment, it’s worth noting that no less an authority than Men’s Health Magazine has described the Adonis system as “The Perfect Body Formula” –

meaning that it’s designed to take fat off your belly and put muscle onto your shoulders and arms.

And, they say, the best thing is – it really works.

You might have tried other systems to build a better body, and you might have tried other diets to lose weight, but no matter how good they are, these programs have one inherent weakness: they are not designed specifically for your body.

And your body requires something different to the next man’s.

Whatever Your Experience, Don’t Give Up!

Here again, the Adonis Golden Ratio is different: it offers a program for exercise and muscle building and fat loss which is tailored specifically to your requirements.

Now if this is true, then you can see there are some amazing gains to be had: and I’m not talking just about body shape – I’m talking about how attractive you are to women, how confident you are, how strong you are, and how healthy and fit you feel.

The man behind all these amazing opportunities is the Adonis creator, the man behind the “golden system”, John Barban.

The Adonis Index System Can Help You Lose Weight Fast & Give You A Great Body!

Expertise in every area makes dieting easier
Expertise in every area – diet, exercise, nutrition – makes weightloss easier

John certainly has a pedigree in sports science, nutrition, physiology, and biology. He’s made it his life’s work to study the physiology of the body, dieting strategies, and muscle building techniques.

John also specializes in nutritional supplementation – which makes losing weight quickly much, much easier for you.

And though he has world-class qualifications, he also has world-class experience in helping literally thousands of men to a better body.

It’s John’s passion that has led to the proven success of the Adonis Golden Ratio system. Elsewhere on this site I outline the history of how he came to discover some of the secrets behind the golden ratio system, and how he came to change his own approach to developing a better body.

And certainly one of the things that made him passionate about developing a system which any man could use to improve his physique (and thereby his confidence and attractiveness) was the fact that he himself was tending to fat and out of condition, and indeed, lacking confidence.

Like many guys he went into bodybuilding in a massive way – but soon found there is a natural upper limit to the amount of muscle you can put on without using steroids.

NO steroids with Adonis systems
There are NO steroids with Adonis systems

But fortunately for him, and fortunately for us some years down the line, it was at this stage that John got a mentor who showed him the way to overcome the limits of his body’s ability to shed fat and put on muscle. (The answer that doesn’t depend on drugs, I mean.)

The answer couldn’t be found in anything that the diet or fitness industry had produced at that time. And it certainly couldn’t be found in any of the techniques used by powerlifters and bodybuilders.

Because of John’s background in science he was able to pursue his interest in human anatomy, genetics, and physiology, and it was this scientific ability which gave him the answers and techniques that eventually manifested in the Adonis program – which, as you know, it is based on the concept of the Golden Ratio.

In his research he came across the fact that there’s one particular body shape which is proven to be more attractive to women than any other male body shape.

A body conforming to The Golden Ratio makes men look good!
A body conforming to The Golden Ratio makes men look good!

In other words, women are genetically programmed to respond to a particular male form, a specific ratio of shoulder circumference to waist circumference. It’s a genetically programmed sign of masculinity to a woman.

And oddly enough that ratio, the one women favor the most, is about 1.62, which turns out to be the same ratio as the so-called “golden ratio”.

This is a proportion which appears over and over again in nature, in all kinds of structures, both man-made and natural, and in animals, plants and the natural world. Somehow, for some reason, it’s the proportion of one part of an entity to the whole of the entity that is most aesthetically desirable to the human brain. Go figure!

Even the Taj Mahal is built to the proportions of the golden ratio!
Even the Taj Mahal is built to the proportions of the golden ratio!

But on a serious note, scientific research has proven again and again that this ratio subconsciously appeals to us in many different ways.

In the case of the male body, those proportions represent the most powerful and attractive a man’s body shape can be, in the eyes of a woman.

And the point that’s really amazing is this: it doesn’t matter how big or small or tall or short you are – if you have those proportions you’re still much more attractive to women than men who do not.

Adonis proportions – from a regular guy who used the Adonis system to tailor his body to the golden ratio!
Adonis proportions – the kind of results a regular guy who used the Adonis system to tailor his body to the golden ratio might get with hard work and dedication!

So John called the proportions of shoulder circumference to waist circumference which attract women more powerfully than any other “The Golden Ratio”.

And because Adonis was the Greek god of beauty, and, as we’ve already seen, the golden ratio is that amazing proportion which is aesthetically desirable to the human mind, he came up with the name of the system which is used to this day: the Adonis Golden Ratio.

This interesting discovery led John to several more amazing discoveries.

Not the least of these was the fact that as you get nearer and nearer to these ideal male proportions, losing fat and increasing muscle becomes easier and easier!

This seems to be because this is the way evolution meant your body to be – lean, without excess fat accumulated from modern food and a sedentary lifestyle, and in this condition you feel fit and healthy.

As John points out though, the fact is, the further you are away from Golden Ratio, the more difficult it is to lose fat and put on muscle tissue.

Which means that the Adonis program has to be tailored exactly to your body size and shape at every stage of your development from where you are now to where you want to be.



And that’s the difference between the Adonis system and all the others: it’s personalized, so it changes as you need it to change, and that way you get maximum results.

In passing, I can tell you that I’ve actually checked at the scientific research on attraction, and it does indeed prove that men with this body shape have more sexual partners than men without it, and more importantly maybe, that women are much more likely to cheat with men who have this body shape.

In other words, to get the best sex life possible, and to be as attractive as possible to women, you need a body that approaches the Adonis Ratio as near as you can achieve. And that means dieting and exercise.

The Adonis Golden Routine 

Improves All Parts Of The Body

Now we need to mention the other ratios, the arms legs and neck.

The Adonis diet and exercise program for men  is plainly the leading and most influential system for changing body proportion as it takes into account the size and shape of the chest, shoulders, upper back and waist.

(The other dimensions of your body that are not accounted for in the Adonis Ratio are the forearm, upper arm, thighs, hips and calves. To date there is no authoritative research indicating that these particular measurements need to be at any given size to affect the overall appearance of the body.)

That is not to say that these other muscles shouldn’t be developed. We only know that there has never been sufficient research done to quantify the perfect size for these muscles.

Any references you may see on bodybuilding sites are merely opinions and anecdotes.

But you don’t need to worry about it because the Adonis Golden Ratio workout programs include a balanced amount of arm and leg training to compliment the work on the primary muscle groups.

So the exercise routines contain enough work for your arms and legs to fit with your chest, back and shoulders. And you can get this information by eBook, download, or from the site itself.

But there is one circumference that can be useful when dieting and that is the neck measurement.

If you diet to lower your waist circumference, you want to lose body fat but gain muscle mass.

Research by Friedl 1994 shows that in relatively lean men, those with about 15% body fat, the neck circumference will show up any loss of muscle mass more accurately than any other measurement.

So, if your neck circumference drops by more than two inches, it tells you that you are losing muscle. You are most unlikely to drop more than two inches!

So when you diet, particularly if you are on a rapid weight loss program, the 3 circumferences you should keep track of are your waist, your shoulders, and neck.

These figures will help guide your weight loss program and keep you informed of any potential muscle mass loss.

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