Rod Clarkson here! Welcome to my website.

I’m always on the lookout for new ways for men to improve how they look and feel. And the Adonis Golden Ratio looks like one of the easy and REAL ways to get fit and stay slim. Read the posts on this site to find out why!

And let’s face facts. If it really is this easy to get the ideal look, the one that women are drawn to, with a simple diet and exercise program – well, why wouldn’t you take it up?

This is a program that’s very simple to use: you can see how simple by reading the main posts on the homepage. Now, I have to say I am reviewing the Adonis system here because of all the male diet and exercise programs on the internet it is – in my opinion – the best available.

Sure, I get a small commission from any sales of the product that result if you click on the links which take you from my site to the Adonis Golden ratio site….but that doesn’t alter the fact that I am very serious about recommending this program!

I recommend it because it’s the best and because it works!

And what I’ve tried to do here is give you the facts about what’s in the Adonis Golden Ratio system, and how it works, so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to buy it.

After all, before embarking on any weight loss and bodybuilding program, you really want to know that the fast weight loss diet you’re being given is scientifically sound, and that the bodybuilding workouts you’re getting are safe and effective.

Here, on this website, you can see enough information to help you decide whether or not the AGR system is the right one for you.

And to help you in that decision, I’ve provided all background information about how John Barban came up with this amazing formula.

It’s one that seems to suit all men, regardless of their shape and size when they start the program (me included – yes, I did buy and use it!), so the Adonis system comes highly recommended. But don’t take my word for it, decide for yourself! 

Best wishes