Benefits Of The Adonis Program Vs Body Building Systems

Clearly you need to know how to use the Adonis Golden Ratio system so that you can create your perfect body shape and proportion.

John Barban spent about 10 years developing this, but once he’d formulated the basic ideas, he said that he resolved to build his own body as rapidly as he could so that it conformed with the newly discovered secrets of the Adonis Golden Ratio.

And it was at this point, having spent his life in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, that Barban realized some of the routines and exercises he was using were neither helping him develop the body shape he wanted nor helping him to maintain his ideal weight.

Indeed, some of his gym workout routines, and some of his muscle building routines, were actually making matters worse.

The truth is that exercise simply designed to get a “big body” is both dysfunctional and unproductive in the majority of cases.

Weightlifting routines and fitness exercises are directly opposed in both form and function.

Adonis Golden Ratio
Be careful which exercise regime you choose: strength or fitness. Oh, or looking good.

A good workout is going to take you to the optimum ratio of shoulder width to hip width for your particular physique and body mass index, or BMI.

It isn’t about just finding a workout for men that builds the biggest body in the shortest time.

Furthermore, you have to understand that body building tends to focus on one particular part of the body at a time.

The Adonis Golden Ratio System is explained in detail in the Adonis eBook that you can download when you join the site. This system is designed so that you do not create any imbalance between one part of your body and another.

In short, this is a workout system which is actually designed to improve your particular body shape towards the ideal “golden ratio”.

Now, one of the things that people often ask me is whether or not this is an easy program.

I think the answer depends on your motivation, so it’s impossible to answer that question clearly and simply.

The results you achieve depend on your motivation, and although the Adonis workouts do take some effort, your success also depends upon you being organised and using an ideal and properly calculated workout routine.

When you exercise at home, or do some kind of circuit training, or resort to gym reps, sets and exercises, you still have to focus precisely on what you’re trying to achieve.

Adonis - healthy exercise and no powerlifting
Powerlifting does not play a role in Adonis.

Powerlifting exercises are definitely not part of the system, and neither are prolonged gym routines.

In particular, the Adonis index workout contains a 12 week muscle building program, which is associated with your goal of building the optimum mass and body shape for you as a man. That’s a body shape as near the male golden ratio as possible.

It’s definitely not about allowing the power lifting culture to take you over, and absorb you into its unhealthy world of steroids and over-training.

Nor is it about functional training, a system which was developed for specific training for cycling, or swimming, or some other sports.

Before and after Adonis
Before and after Adonis – these are illustrative results, not real users.

Exercises that are geared to a specific sport are not optimum for developing your body towards your golden ratio. Curls and Squats alone don’t give you a great body shape! 

Adonis Can Only Do Good

Free Bonus eBook: The Halo Effect!

One of the great things about the Adonis Golden Ratio eBook download is the fact that it gives you plenty of supplementary information which explains why it’s so valuable in life.

One of the amazing things it discusses is the “Halo Effect”.

This was proposed by Edward Thorndike, who worked in the field of educational psychology at the turn of the 19th century.

His suggestion was that the halo effect is a kind of bias, whereby somebody spots something about you, makes a favorable impression from it, then that favorable impression in turn affects another aspect of their perception about you.

Looking good and feeling fine with Adonis (the photos shown above make the point! You don’t have to aim for a sculpted body to look great!!)

OK, got that? Now, do you see how the Adonis golden ratio might influence people’s opinion of you?

The point being this — that when people see one thing about you that they rate as positive, they tend to then extrapolate from that one assumption to your whole being, and assume that overall you’re a very positive person, with positive characteristics.

You’ll notice that there’s no real evidence behind this judgement. Sadly (or in your case favorably, if you use the Adonis bodybuilding system), that’s how people’s minds work.

To put this more simply, what it all means is that if somebody sees one aspect of your personality as being positive, or superior to others, then they will tend to assume there are other aspects of your personality which are equally favourable.

Adonis Golden Ratio
Adonis Golden Ratio can give you a body like this
This is the kind of result you can achieve with the Adonis body building and exercise program if you wish!

Which means that using the Adonis body sculpting program to improve yourself in one area will tend to help others see you in the same light in other areas. You become an alpha male in their eyes.

So, as I said, Edward Thorndike discovered the halo effect when he was working on personality research for the United States military — and although he wasn’t the first individual to describe the halo effect, he actually was the first man to demonstrate its validity using scientific research.

For example, if you think about how you view overweight people — assuming that you aren’t one of them! — then it’s highly likely that your judgements about somebody who is overweight tend to be fairly rigid, and probably quite negative… it’s just how you see them.

And what you need to know, as a man who might be using this system as the foundation of his fitness plan and work out program, not to mention using it in an exercise routine, or weight loss diet plan, is that the first six seconds within meeting someone is the timescale in which these judgments are made.

By developing your body so that it comes nearer to the golden ratio, you can understand, I’m sure, how much you will affect the way people see you, and how much this can impact the way that they judge you. Weight loss programs matter. They impact how others see you.

Having a positive halo effect is directly related to having a body that approaches the golden ratio, which you can achieve by using the Adonis system. This explains why Adonis is one of the best diet pans for weight loss.