Downloading Your Perfect Body!

John Barban tells us that after he had completed all his research and realized the secret of the Golden Ratio, he resolved to rebuild his own body as fast as possible.

He realized that some of the workout routines he had been using weren’t helping and others were making matters worse.

The simple fact is that muscle growth is specific to the body part you are building. Bicep training does not give you better calves – obviously.

Equally, stomach muscle training will not give you broader shoulders. So here’s the thing – you must do what is right for both specific parts of your body and your whole system!

And that is where the Adonis approach, explained in detail in the eBook, comes into play….

If you train badly, you can create imbalances between your left and right sides, your front and back or your upper and lower body.

So if you train out of balance, your body will finish up out of balance.

The trick is to create a workout system with a sole goal of improving the Adonis Golden Ratio in each man’s case.

This is why the Adonis Golden Ratio Workout System has been created. It has the specific aim of building ideal body proportions using the science of exercise with a direct purpose!

Building the perfect Adonis Index Body isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort and a properly calculated workout schedule. You can’t achieve your ideal body in a haphazard manner. And keep in mind that some of the workout advice in modern magazines is just nonsense. In some cases this advice may actually make your body look worse.

Get a body like this with the Adonis Golden Ratio
Get a body like this with the Adonis Golden Ratio

So you need to focus on what you want to achieve and beware of “goal hijacking”.

Many bodybuilders use power-lifting exercises and find themselves immersed in the power-lifting culture.

This culture takes over and distracts from the primary goal.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Workout System contains a 12 week Muscle Building Foundation program based in power-lifting with a specific goal of building maximum overall mass in accordance with the Adonis Index Ratio.

But you need to be careful that the power-lifting culture does not enter through the back door and take over. Remember that lifting weights is just a method of getting your body into shape and not a goal in itself.

Another common mistake people make is getting hijacked by what is known “functional” style training, which is a type of exercise invented for cyclists, swimmers, oarsmen or such.

These exercises become the latest fad, the “cool” thing to do and everybody gets suckered in. It’s fine to work out for the sake of becoming better at a particular sport, but if you aren’t in that game, then it is useless and it distracts from your specific goal of building your body into its optimum shape.

It’s so easy to get caught up in weird exercises simply because they’re new and different but don’t let some untested novelty hijack your real goal. The next time you see someone doing curls and squats simultaneously, think to yourself “Is that guy really building his body or is it just some stupid fad?” (Read about the fads here!)

Also beware of some forms of athletic training. A professional cyclist will have disproportionately large legs and a tiny looking upper body.

Competitive swimmers have a strange square look about their shoulders and a disproportionately shaped chest and arms.

These people inadvertently misshape their bodies for a particular sport. This is not to say that you should not partake in sport but do not screw up your body to do it.

Users of the Adonis Golden Ratio will find that their actual athletic performance goes up so if you are looking for success in football or any sport, you will find that as you make progress in the Adonis Index, your sporting prowess will increase accordingly.

Remember, a properly proportioned body is the key to success in any sport.

So remember. Stay focused and keep on track!

Your Adonis Index Ratio Is Easy To Measure

Now we need to know about taking the measurements and making the calculations to show you how to work out your Adonis Index.

This is how you take the measurements.

Firstly, the measuring tape goes around your body like a belt at both shoulders and waist. Stand in good posture with your shoulder back like a soldier on parade.

A myotape is best (if you don’t know what that is, Google it) but a tailor’s measuring tape is good enough. Do the measurements first thing in the morning before eating and don’t take measurements immediately after workout.

Take the shoulder measurement at the circumference of the entire upper body at the widest part of the shoulders. The tape will align with the top of the arm pit. For the waist measurement, take it right at the belly button and wrap the tape around like a belt.

Now to do the math. As we have seen, the ideal Adonis index waist by our calculations is 45%. So your waist circumference measurement should equal (your height x 0.45)

This is the waist size you aim for to achieve your ideal Adonis Golden Ratio proportions.

You can read more about the significance of this in the Adonis Golden Ratio download eBook.

Once you have achieved a waist measurement approaching this figure you then need to focus on building your shoulders up to 1.62 times your waist.

The Adonis Index ratio is shoulder size ÷ waist size. Now look up the chart to see the ideal Golden Adonis Index Ratio for your height. Now you know what you have and what to aim for!


A query that often arises here is “What about somatotype?” It is a fact that not everybody has the same body form, some are “big boned” or naturally skinny.

If you study human anthropometrics, you find that when the fat is removed, we are actually very similarly sized.

Only one factor influences muscle size and shape and that is height. This is why the height-to-waist ratio determines your Adonis Golden Ratio.

Skinny or big-boned, if you get a proper workout and nutrition program in place, you can bring your body to its ideal size and form. Every guy of your height can converge to a single perfect body size.

Now it’s time to listen to a guy who found a winning weight loss and conditioning program in The Adonis Golden Ratio. His name is Ben Neimeier and here is his story….

Success Stories

Ben tells how he was in bad shape but didn’t realize it due to his fat storage pattern. He had almost no fat at the front of his body but it was stored on other body parts, so although his stomach was flat, he was unfit and frustrated.

He tried many alternatives to the Adonis Index eBook download program, but matters got even worse. These included 8 week weight loss programs, fast dieting recipes, and insane programs which offer false hope of how to lose weight fast.

And Then He Found The Adonis Golden Ratio

He then found The Adonis Golden Ratio and it transformed his life. Everything about the golden ratio  made sense and he made progress in his workouts and got a better diet and the right nutrition with a personalized weight loss program.

Now he is no longer embarrassed about his looks and feels totally confident. He has a social life, too!

Like most people, Ben didn’t really understand how looks contribute to the success and happiness you get in life. (Read about somatotype and personality here.)

Ben has transformed from introvert to extrovert simply by building muscles on specific body parts and getting lean.

He says it takes effort but “you don’t have to live in the gym”. He just spent his lunch hour at the gym for several months and watched his diet. That’s all it takes to transform the body…. using moderate exercise, a good diet, and a scientific and effective way to lose weight….

His friends are amazed by the turnaround and ask his advice on how to get fit. Ben says, “Get the The Adonis Golden Ratio. It makes sense and it’s simple to follow, without any stupid fitness rules. You will see results within weeks. I am living proof of that.” And he certainly is! Bodybuilding does not have to be difficult!