Adonis is For All Men (As This Review Shows!)

If you want to get in shape then The Adonis Golden Ratio Program is probably the best fitness program in the world.

This revolutionary diet / exercise / body building program for men (also known as the Adonis Index program) was written by John Barban, who knows more about training, weight loss, dieting and fitness for men than just about anyone else alive today.

The proof that the Adonis Golden Ratio actually works starts right here with some pictures that illustrate the kind of results you can achieve….. with dedication and focus.

Before and after Adonis

Have you ever said to yourself: “I want to get in shape?”

Of course you have – that’s why you’re reading this. And you must have some picture in your head of what shape you’d like to be…. I guess you’ll be thinking “I want to lose some weight”, or “I need to build up some muscle”, or “I wish I looked like [ insert name of movie star here] .”

Wanting to look better is the first stage, but it doesn’t give you a road map to follow. You want to lose weight – but how much? You want to add some serious muscle mass – but how much?

Your goal has to be specific so that you reach the right size.

Without a clearly defined target you will be unsatisfied; and you’ll be pursuing a goal that is unreasonable, unrealistic or attainable, which is what happens to most men because they are given a false idea of what is achievable by the fitness media, the sports community and Hollywood.

Also, the physiques you see in fitness magazines, at sporting events and on TV are often a creation of steroids and other drugs.

AdonisComplex-195x300The media presents a bizarre ideal of thinness for women – which leads to anorexia. And it depicts an unrealistic muscularity for men that results in the opposite disorder to anorexia – something called the Adonis Complex (also dubbed the secret crisis of male body obsession).

The Adonis Complex is a body image distortion that some men suffer from in the mistaken belief that they need to be bigger.

No matter how big the sufferer gets, he still sees himself as skinny. This is the point when many men start steroid abuse and begin the downward spiral of ever-increasing demands on their bodies….

 How The Adonis Golden Ratio Can Help!

The solution for this – or any other male problem with body size, fitness, muscle development, or self-image – is The Adonis Golden Ratio System.

Whatever your condition to start with, the path leads to a goal of one perfect shape for each individual. And it can be achieved without steroids and without excessive effort.

You can soon be on the road to a perfect body and a look that commands respect. Does that sound interesting? 

The Perfect Body Shape

Every man wants to get a perfect shape. Most guys start working out because they feel weak and abnormally skinny. We all relate size and strength to social status, confidence and power. Remember back at High School, how you always saw the big guys on the football team get the girls (or most of them, anyway!)

John Barban comes to the rescue!

The author of The Adonis Golden Ratio dieting and weight loss program, John Barban, explains how he made some astounding discoveries about weight loss and body building, how he learned about the human body, and how this incredible secret changed his entire life – just as it can change yours!

Working out can be easier than you think!

He was at college, working out, gaining some muscle and chasing a goal of 200 pounds bodyweight. He felt having a bodyweight below 200 pounds meant he was less of a man. He imagined being a 200-pound man would bring power, respect and freedom.

He imagined having a body shape like Adonis. A body in proportion to the Golden Ratio.

Of course, this led him to want to get even bigger with more weight training, supplements, protein powder etc.. But no matter what he tried, he was never satisfied and he just became obsessed with the idea of getting bigger.

When he got to 200 pounds, he just couldn’t get any bigger. And then he asked one of the really big guys at the gym what he should do…… this guy told him the real secret to success was anabolic steroids!

NO steroids with Adonis systems
There are NO steroids with Adonis systems

That drug-use was the real and only way to pack on body-building-sized mass. So he tried a steroid called dianabol, and gained muscle and strength fast. He could lift LOADS more weight at the gym. (This was, of course, long before he had formulated the Adonis Golden Ratio program for men.)

Within six months of using the stuff, he was up to 260 pounds and could lift more weight than anyone in the gym. He thought he had the solution. His only concern was how to find and buy good drugs.

But now he realized that the fitness and nutrition adverts in body building mags were taking credit for results that you can only get with drugs.

And many people reading the magazines don’t do drugs, and assume the advice in the magazines will give them a body as good as that of the fitness competitor on the cover.

John realized that body building culture (complete with drugs) was leading the trends in the fitness, nutrition and weight loss industries.

In fact the whole industry was based on the fact that you needed to be bigger and heavier – which was, of course, nonsense as it could not be done without drugs.

So he put the whole drug conspiracy behind him and gave himself “Permission To Be Light”.

This was his first step on the way to developing the Adonis Golden Ratio, which remains one of his biggest achievements to date.

This new concept is fairly obvious when you think about it. It is a false ideal to aspire to be big, as it is impossible to gain more than a genetically predetermined amount of muscle weight.

A Unique Dieting and Weight Loss System 

There is a natural limit to the amount of muscle size your body can gain, and once you’ve built that muscle, your body can hold no more.

The problems arise when you don’t know your limits and continue to go for an unrealistic ideal that is unattainable without drugs. Every man’s body has an ideal amount of muscle mass which is his maximum.

And to gain the maximum amount of muscle mass possible, the adonis golden ratio is the ideal way…