All About The Golden Ratio And You

Make no mistake about it, we find some bodies attractive and others unattractive because they send us signals.

And those signals are all about our evolutionary perspective.

That’s why women want men who have broad shoulders.


Broad shoulders represent desirable physical traits: in this case, virility and strength.

And why do men want a woman with an hourglass figure? That’s because that’s the female figure that signals fertility.

Basic desires, basic forces. Still at work in us today. And knowing this can give you a head start when it comes to finding a mate.

Because what we see as attractive is a very specific shape and type of body. To put it another way, we all know what makes a body sexy and desirable. It has a certain shape, male or female.

That’s why many bodybuilding programs, and weight loss programs too, for that matter, are all about building body with a certain shape — call it the ideal shape.

Call it, in the case of men, the Adonis shape.

Bodily Attraction Is About Mathematics!

Sure, what we see as attractive is partly a matter of our preference and taste.

But underlying it all is a highly instinctive subconscious process based on certain formulas. And in the case of male body, it’s based on what we know as the “golden ratio”.

The truth of the matter is the golden ratio shows up all over the length and breadth of the human body. For example – in the overall length of the individual concerned compared to the length of his torso. And again – a man’s shoulder circumference in proportion to his waist circumference.

It occurs in many other parts of the body as well.

Video – is the face defined by the golden ratio more attractive?

The fact is, artists and sculptors have used the golden ratio for a long time — millennia, in fact — to create sculptures and artwork that represents the ideal human figure.

Even now, cosmetic surgeons use it when the restructuring human face.

And that’s because, as we said above, the golden ratio has an evolutionary significance: it represents fertility, virility, strength, good health, and fitness.

Making Sense Of The Golden Ratio

And so the next question is — just what is the golden ratio? If you think of one part of a whole and the whole object in relation to each other, it’s the ratio between those two dimensions which makes us think they look aesthetically most appealing.

In terms of mathematical formula, it’s represented like this:
(A+B)/A = A/B

As it happens, when you solve that equation the proportions are
1: 1.618

So in other words, the smaller part of a whole should be in proportion of 1 : 1.618 (the latter number being the size of the whole).

So the face is a great example of this, because the head actually forms golden rectangle. In this, the mouth and nose are both placed at the point where the golden ratio intersects the distance between the eyes and the bottom of the chin.

Now although this is interesting, the point is really what happens to our brains when we look at something that shows up in the golden ratio. Our brains seem to be programmed to look for this everywhere, and it seems that sometimes we even try and create it where it doesn’t exist.

The ideal male body is determined by the golden ratio in certain specific areas.

And when we see it, we decided that body has certain characteristics: health, fitness, vitality, and attractiveness.

It’s the kind of body, in short, with which women would like to have children. Not that that’s a conscious decision, of course — this is all a completely subconscious process. Women just feel drawn to a man whose body is in these proportions.

So if you work out to get those proportions, you have a massive advantage over every other man….

Which do you prefer - honestly?
Which do you prefer – honestly?

And the more that your body approaches the golden ratio the more attractive it becomes to women.

Naturally the point is this: when you undertake a bodybuilding and weight loss program, you need a formula that will get you as near to the golden ratio as possible.

For men, the shoulder circumference needs to be 1.6 times the circumference of the waist.

The more they approach this ratio, the more attractive they appear to the opposite sex.

The Adonis Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is the most appealing, most esthetic, proportion of the sizes of different parts of the male body. (This is explained in detail above.)

And John Barban has adopted the term “Adonis Index” to describe these ideal ratios, the achievement of which is the object of his aptly named body building and weight loss program for men: “The Adonis Golden Ratio”. 

Now let’s put some flesh on the bones of this idea – so to speak!

The basic Adonis measurement is the shoulder circumference to the waist circumference. In fact, your shoulders are ideally going to be 1.618 multiplied by your waist measurement. That’s proven to be the most attractive look for men of any size.

So say you’re a skinny guy, and you want to build a better body.

Your waist might measure as little as 28 inches around. If you apply the formula of 1.618, then your aim is to have your shoulders measure up at 45.3 inches (28 x 1.618).

And even if you don’t build a huge amount of muscle, as long as your shoulders and waist fit that relationship, you’re going look very attractive to women and very dominant to other men.

Equally, if your shoulders measure 54 inches around, which is rather big, and probably quite powerful too, and your waist measurement is at 38 inches, then you need to do bring your waist down to 33.5 inches and your proportions will be immediately more attractive. (54/33.5 = 1.62)

Having a certain body type helps

You don’t have to get superfit, and you don’t need to be super lean, using all kinds of bodybuilding supplements, bodybuilding workouts, and bodybuilding exercises, to look attractive.

You just need to use the right natural bodybuilding program (like the Adonis Golden Ratio system, for example).

So equally, if a guy has a 34 inch waist, and shoulders of 45 inches around, his current Adonis Index (AI for short) is 45/34 – which equals 1.32.

Clearly he’s got some work to do to get to 1.618!

However, he could diet and bring his waist down to 32 inches, which would immediately take his AI to 1.41.

So now all he has to do is train and workout, to use a series of gym exercises and adopt a diet of muscle building foods that will bring his shoulders closer to 48 inches.

The point being, that 48 inch shoulder circumference with a 32 inch waist gives a man an AI of 1.5 — near enough for all the benefits of the golden ratio (1.618) to fire up for him.

Most likely the first thing he’ll notice is going to be the way women and men relate to him. It will be different than before, that’s for sure, and it’s going to massively boost his confidence.

But how do you do this in practice?

Well, a lot of guys go to the gym without actually knowing quite what they’re trying to achieve.

The Adonis Index principle allows you to be precise about what you’re trying to do. You can set defined goals. And the help of the AGR System, which is a predetermined formula of exercises and diet, individualized to your requirements, makes it even easier.

The very first thing you do when you sign on to the Adonis system is to feed in your data, and the software will immediately tell you whether your goal should be fat loss, or muscle building, or both. Depending on which it is, you download a series of exercises that will take you in the right direction.

So, for example, if you’re trying to lose fat, clearly you need to focus on getting your waist measurement to match up to your AI as determined by your shoulders’ circumference.

That means you get a personalized program of weight loss resources, a diet plan for rapid weight loss, and a plan of the correct foods for weight loss.

If you’re trying to build your shoulders, then you’ll need some bodybuilding exercises and muscle mass building foods that will take you towards your AI.

What makes the Adonis index so perfect is that it is tailored for every individual guy’s requirements.

Here are the key things that make the Adonis index so special:

  • it’s personalized to exactly what you need
  • you get an exercise program and a diet program that fit your requirements
  • you get an online system to monitor your progress
  • you get every exercise for every day of the program described in detail AND available on video for you to watch so you know exactly what to do
  • you get a plan for every meal on every day of the program’s 12 week cycle, ensuring that you have precisely the right calorie and protein intake to suite your objectives
  • there’s absolutely fantastic support available in the Adonis community online
  • there’s even more support available from the founders of the program and their trained “ambassadors”
  • your motivation stays high because you’re part of the Adonis community of like-minded men all striving to the same objective – looking good and feeling great
  • your goals are precisely determined – which makes them much easier to achieve
  • you can download your exercise program and diet plans on to PC, laptop, mobile, iPad, iPhone, tablet, or any other device you have to hand
  • you don’t need to be a hard-core bodybuilder
  • this is something you can fit into your normal life without disrupting it
  • and best of all you can eat more or less what you want, substituting your choices for the meal plans in the Adonis nutritional guide.

With all of these advantages, which make it so simple and easy to get the body you want, it’s time to get on board and get the body you want!