Building A Better Body With Adonis Golden Ratio (A Review)

Exercise & Dieting

Those are things that we all shy away from. But fortunately John’s made it easier with his system.

For those of you who know about these things, the first point John makes in his program is that deadlifts and weighted abdominal crunches are to be avoided. That’s because they expand your waste, which takes you out of proportion, and makes you look less attractive.

The Adonis Golden Ratio
Adonis makes you LOOK GREAT

Unlike almost all the other bodybuilding programs on the market, the Adonis Golden Ratio is designed specifically to maximize your attractiveness, not just to build muscle.

Furthermore, a lot of programs recommend exercises for building muscle on your shoulders and arms which present a real risk of injury. That’s often why your body resists them.

But by using some simple tricks, and losing fat first, so getting the right proportion and ensuring that you develop muscle tissue symmetrically, you can work with your body and your genetics, and not against them.

Like I suggested above, Adonis is a holistic program – which simply means that it approaches the challenge of developing a great body from every aspect possible.

An example of this: as you might know there’s a heck of a lot of estrogenic compounds in our environment today: soy being one of the prime movers.

If you’re eating the wrong food, and if you’re putting female estrogenic hormones into your body – you’re not doing yourself any favors at all in your ambition to look like a masculine man.

And finally, as just one more example of what can go wrong with conventional programs, “bulking then cutting” is a strategy for disaster.

Yet solving these problems is easy. The answer is the Adonis Golden Ratio.

The Adonis 12 Week System

The Adonis golden ratio training program is the main element of this. You start by taking your existing measurements, which determines how near or far away you are from the Adonis golden ratio.

Before and after Adonis
Before and after Adonis – illustrative results.


That gives you your starting point, and this proportion, known as your Adonis Index, defines every aspect of your customized 12 week Golden Ratio program.

The first element of the Adonis program is an extremely simple and easy to follow training program. It’s a “golden sequence” of exercises, sets and reps which creates fast but symmetrical growth of muscle tissue, simultaneously causing the fat to melt away from your waistline.

All of the instructions, all of the exercises, all of the things that you need to do are included on both worksheets and instructional videos. And the program is personalized for YOU.

These show you exactly how to do the exercises. It’s like having a personal trainer on hand.


Adonis Nutrition Guide
The Adonis System Gives You A Great Nutrition Guide

But exercise is only one element. Nutrition is incredibly important as well. So with the Adonis Golden Ratio you get “Nutritional Software”, the purpose of which is to customize your nutrition to your exercise program.

This means that you eat only what you need to ensure maximum rate of muscle growth and maximize fat loss. And the amazing Adonis nutritional software calculates everything you need to eat a balanced healthy diet with the right number of calories and nutrients . ….

And the interesting thing about this is that you don’t have to do deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Indeed, they are part of the program.


The third main part of the Adonis golden ratio program is about nutritional supplementation.

What you might not know at the moment is that if you eat too much protein, you can actually find yourself losing muscle instead of building it.

That’s only one example of how nutritional advice is essential for maximum success in what you’re trying to achieve – building a better body.

And the fact  is, with John Barban at your side you could not have a better guide to safe nutrition. As far as supplements are concerned, you get the benefit of John’s 20 years in the industry.

In fact, most supplements will actually cause you to move further away from your weight loss and muscle building goals (and so take you away from the golden ratio, not towards it).

John tells you exactly which supplements you need to use, explaining when and how and why they can benefit you.

No steroids with Adonis!
Get the right supplements – the ones which will do you good!

That information alone is priceless.

In short, it’s absolutely true that you will not have seen anything like the Adonis golden ratio before. It’s truly unique in the field of dieting, bodybuilding and weight loss. That’s because it’s designed around developing an attractive body, not just adding endless amounts of muscle, or just around losing fat. It’s designed with the aesthetics of YOUR body in mind.

Adonis Bonuses

And in addition to what I’ve described above, you get several bonuses free of charge with the system. The first is called The Adonis Abs and Arms Assault.

These two muscle groups are the ones that can be most difficult to build up, so this is a special four week program of advanced techniques which will make your muscular physique in these areas as precise, defined, and developed as it can be while still giving you a perfect golden ratio physique.

The second bonus consists of Unlimited Updates: which means that any developments, any new proven techniques, will be given to you free of charge as an Adonis member.

The third bonus is an astounding 1 Week Transformation Program which you can use over seven days to look much better fast.

So, in conclusion, if you’ve been doing stuff that hasn’t worked, if you’ve been dieting and haven’t lost weight, if you’ve been going to the gym and you haven’t been putting on muscle, then it’s about time that you got the help you deserve – the help of an expert.

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