How Golden Ratio Workouts Change Men’s Lives

Success Comes Easily With Adonis

One of the success stories that is recounted by the Adonis index participants comes from a man named David D.

Before and after Adonis
Before and after Adonis? These pictures illustrate the kind of results you can achieve.

David used the Adonis system for four months and says that he was amazed by a massive improvement in his shape.

Like many men, David had been trying to get into shape by working out without much formal instruction, not using a professional personal trainer or fitness trainer, devising his own workouts, and coming up with his own exercise routines.


The results were predictably poor: not knowing how to get in shape, not knowing how to work out, not knowing how to lift weights, and indeed not knowing even the basics of good nutritional program, it was inevitable that David’s body was going to respond as chaotically as his approach suggested it might! He even tried muscle bulking, and says that he looked “awful”!

Unsurprisingly, after switching to the Adonis program, David now looks good all year round.

He had used other supplements and other fitness programs, which helped a little bit, including, for example the Beach Body Program, P90X, and Insanity (popular alternatives to gym work, these exercise routines can be used at home… but they lack the professional support of Adonis).

However, says David, the difference between those and the Adonis golden ratio system is vast – in particular Adonis is easy to implement, and very easy to understand.
P90X promotional literature
P90X promotional literature

David relates that one of the big differences between the systems he previously used and the Adonis workout system is that there is no room for self-deception with Adonis.

What he means is that the difference between fat and muscle is made very clear. And this, he says means that he cannot now fool himself that his muscle /  fat balance is going to miraculously change – he knows when he’s getting results…..

And as he builds muscle and loses fat,  he can see the change happening, and people around him are also noticing it — they’re impressed by his new look, and they want to know how he’s achieved it.

How to lose fat and gain muscle – video

David also makes the observation that the only thing that matters is body shape and body proportions, and when he says “be diligent with your workouts and you will build muscles while staying lean” you can see that he has followed his own advice.

Another question that often comes up from users of this system, or men considering using Adonis workouts as their particular workout or gym routine, is how the Adonis index relates to the forearms, upper arms, legs and hips.

The truth is that there aren’t any really conclusive pieces of research showing what might be a desirable ratio of these parts of the body. Indeed, it might even be that these measurements don’t need to show any particular ratio to each other to affect the overall appearance of the body.

That’s certainly what research is currently suggesting.

Adonis will not leave you looking like this
Adonis will not leave you looking like this!

But this doesn’t mean to say that you don’t need to do anything about them, because clearly to have an unbalanced body because you only worked out your chest, shoulders and back, without doing anything with your legs or arms would be ridiculous.

Fortunately even this is taken care of for you because your workout program includes the correct amount of arm and leg training.  This combines with work on your core muscle groups.

In other words, the Adonis e-book and downloads have enough exercises of the right kind for your arms and legs to match the development of your chest.

Having said all that, there is actually one important thing that you need to keep in mind, and that’s your neck circumference. If you’re on a diet designed to help you lose fat from around your waist, clearly your objective is not only to lose fat but also to gain muscle mass.

Video – neck measurement as a guide to BMI

Friedl showed as long ago as 1994 that in men who are already comparatively lean, which means those with about 15% body fat, the neck circumference is the best indicator of any loss of muscle mass.

This means that if you’re on a diet, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight rapidly, or you’re looking for system about how to lose weight fast, then you do need to keep track of your waist, your shoulders, and your neck circumference.

All of this is explained in detail in the Adonis system, so I’m not going to recount the details of how it operates here, but suffice it to say that these are the figures that will guide any diet or weight loss program, and will allow you to modify your program, if you’re losing muscle rather than fat.

Adonis Success Stories

There’s no shortage of success stories recounted in the Adonis Index eBook download. One of them comes from a guy called Ben N.

He tells us that he was in bad shape, and actually had very little concept of how bad his body was, because his fat was not visible on the front of his body!

Note: If you’re interested in getting a better body, in particular one that conforms to the golden ratio, then it’s obvious you need to start by taking your body mass index (BMI).

That’s a very good indicator of the amount of fat that you have on your body, and it’s certainly a critical piece of information if you’re intending to do any workouts, exercise routines, or bodybuilding.

So unlike Ben, I would suggest first thing that you do is to get the measurement of your BMI, regardless of what you think it might be or how you look.

Once you have this, you can start working on your weight loss and body building objectives, with the help of the Adonis golden ratio system.

By using the Adonis Index rather than any other misleading information on the Internet, you won’t need to use any 8 week weight loss programs, 10 week programs, any kettle bell workouts, and you certainly won’t need to do any exercise at home routines.

Ben also makes some dramatic claims about the Adonis effect in his life — in fact he uses the word “transformed”.

Everything about the program makes sense to him, and he says that now his body is transformed from fat to lean, his appearance is no longer a source of embarrassment, and he feels totally confident.

What’s really interesting to me is that Ben also tells us that he has transformed from being an introvert to being an extrovert, simply by focusing on his bodybuilding targets, and specifically losing weight so that he looks good.

His comments are encouraging for all of us who might feel a bit overwhelmed about the prospect of working out:  “It takes effort, but you don’t have to live in the gym. In fact, I just spent my lunch hour at the gym several months and I was careful with my diet … that’s all it took me to transform my body: moderate exercise, a diet that suited me, and most of all, the scientific program that helped me.

“It makes perfect sense, it’s simple to follow, and I am living proof of the fact that you will see results in only 10 weeks!”