Get The Women You Want With The Adonis Golden Ratio

Allen Brightman Makes Good With ADONIS BODY BUILDING & DIET PROGRAM!

Adreamstime_s_9389704llen says that he did not want the conventional body builder look but more of a classic male body shape – and this is exactly what he got with The Adonis Golden Ratio (also known as the Adonis Index). The photo to the right is not Allen, by the way, it’s to illustrate what you can achieve when you use this system.

When he started, he trained tirelessly and wanted to be bigger, stronger and faster. But he just went to the gym and lifted ever more heavy weights. All he got was stressed and tired with no reward.

Now he’s switched to The Adonis Golden Ratio, he is training for looks alone and is stress free and feeling 100% better.

Having the perfect Adonis Index is his ultimate goal, and it’s a measurable goal with something to aim at.

It helps define the purpose of his training – and it will define the purpose of yours, too!

Allen says he now understands that what you read on body building forums is no use for the natural body builder and regular guy like him – and you!

Adonis Workouts

A personal story of success using Adonis

Adonis Golden Ratio workouts are concerned only with a natural look and a program for developing body attractiveness.

They get you in shape without any drugs or artificial performance enhancers.

In fact, the Adonis GR exercise program is based on your objectives for health and fitness, where you start from, and where you want to get to – and it’s achieved with sensible exercise, nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle.

Allen says, “Now I have the perfect Hollywood body shape and I look good 24/7 and I achieved this through the Adonis Golden Ratio program.” The perfect body shape can be measured by using your own personal Adonis Index measurement. (That’s the ratio between your shoulder circumference and your waist circumference.)

Why The Adonis Ration Matters

The Adonis Index is in fact the specific ratio of shoulder circumference to waist circumference. (originally the entire program was called the Adonis Index program – now it’s called the Adonis Golden Ratio – but the terms refer to exactly the same thing.)

Sidebar: scientific article on the AGR plus another here.

Maybe you’re wondering why your Adonis Index matters? 

The fact is that men who have a perfect Adonis Index ratio get a better approval rating from both men and women. 


Even before you start training, your basic bone structure is already in accordance with The Golden Ratio and your basic muscle mass, underneath all that fat, is close to this ratio. To maximize the power of your appearance, you need to build a body which conforms more to the Adonis index – starting with your height-to-waist ratio.

Such a body can be built naturally but it won’t come about by accident, it does need to be built.

So the question is “What is the right look?” There must be a finish point, a shape and size that we need to go for to improve the look and shape of the body without drugs.

We need to know how much muscle can be added and in what proportions those muscles should be built. It is a fair assumption that an attractive body is a healthy body, and a healthy body is lean and muscular.

Research shows that the most accurate way of measuring body fat is taking the waist measurement. [Ness-Abramof, 2008]

The waist circumference is the important factor but as men are not all the same height, the ideal waist will be a proportion of the height.

So we are now looking for the ideal waist-to-height ratio.

Health researchers have discovered that subjects with a waist-to-height ratio greater than 0.50 demonstrated higher coronary risk factors than those with a ratio less than 0.50 [Hseigh, 2004].

So we know that we need a ratio less than 0.50 – but what of other measurements?

You could have a “good” waist-to-height ratio but be starved and have no muscle, so this alone is simply not enough. The strongest indicator of overall muscle mass is shoulder circumference, measured half way between the nipple and the clavicle.

So now we have two measures, both scaled to height, which give a highly predictive value of a lean yet muscular body. In other words, the bigger the shoulder compared with height, the more muscular the man is, and the lower the waist circumference compared with height, the leaner the man will be.

So now we are looking for the ideal proportions. Research on attractiveness shows that the biggest and bulkiest guys turn off most women [Swami 2007], and in fact, many people view bodybuilders as overweight; and we know that excessive muscle will damage your career and financial success.

Being the thinnest guy in town is not great either, as you look starved and ineffective, so what is the exact proportion?

A close examination of physical attraction research shows repeatedly and consistently that a shoulder-to-waist ratio of about 1:1.6 is the most attractive.

But what is particularly special about this number? Research into architecture and sculpture shows that it isn’t just some random ratio, but a special number known as “The Golden Ratio”.

This ratio 1:1.618 governs many natural laws including the proportion of the human body and the growth pattern of animals and plants. It is the key to the human perception of beauty and attraction.

Here’s The Amazing (Golden) Thing!

People have an innate subliminal reaction to this proportion.

Research has been done on this subject (Dixon 2003: Dijkstra 2002) which shows that women are most attracted to a man with the ideal Adonis golden ratio. Look at the picture below and you can see why.

Get a body like this with the Adonis Golden Ratio
Looking good, feeling fine – the Adonis effect!

This sounds unfair – but you can take advantage of this reality.

You will find that the allure begins to take effect as soon as you approach an Adonis Index of 1.5.

When you build your body into the perfect proportion, or as you get close, you will begin to get an effect that only a few select men ever experience.

Men with the perfect proportion grab the attention of all around just as a stunning woman can mesmerize people when she enters a room. The principles of evolutionary psychology tell us that people are evolved to be attracted to and therefore seek out other people who display what is known as “genetic fitness”.

Men look for attractive features in women because those attributes indicate her genetic fitness. Similarly, women look for the same thing in men from on a purely physical basis. And of course the most attractive and genetically fit form is a perfect Adonis Index Ratio.

But the effect doesn’t end with physical attraction. It affects people’s evaluation of you as a whole. It is a fact that everybody will make a judgement about a person’s personality, intelligence, and overall capability within the first ten seconds of setting sight on them.

You will have heard about first impressions. Well it is true and people size you up even before you have spoken to them. As people make judgements so quickly, you need to use your body to your advantage.

The fact is that if you get two guys with the same ability, the same personality, the same facial attractiveness, the same clothes, but one has a noticeably better Adonis Golden Ratio, then that is the guy who will receive more attention and a more positive response from everyone around.

This is how a perfect adonis golden ratio will give you an unfair advantage in all areas of your life. This interpersonal reaction and social power is called “The Adonis Effect”.