What Is The Adonis Ratio And Why Is It Important?

Does The Golden Ratio actually matter?

And, of course, one of the answers to that question is simply “it depends”. (Read about the golden ratio here.)

It depends on whether or not you want to look good, whether or not you want to maintain a good level of fitness, whether or not you want to have sexual and social success, and whether or not you have enough self-respect to want to get all the advantages that the Adonis Golden ratio workout system can give you.

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One of the most obvious reasons why men undertake weight training of any kind, or any sort of exercise routine, is to look good for women.

And the Adonis index system, with its emphasis on the golden ratio, is perhaps the supreme leader in this field.

Research by Dixon in 2003, and Dijkstra in 2002 demonstrates very clearly that women are most attracted to a man whose body shape conforms to the ideal golden index ratio, which you can achieve with this workout system.

Now you may not think that this is fair, but then as we all know life tends not to be fair in the way that perhaps we would prefer.

However, scientific research has demonstrated beyond doubt that men whose Adonis index ratio goes past 1.5 begin to attract more attention from women.

The nearer the index ratio gets to 1.618, which is the golden ratio, the more attraction women seem to feel. Body shape matters.

It’s extraordinary: nobody quite knows why the golden index is such a powerful force in nature, but it certainly is: it occurs in many different species of animal and plant, it is naturally selected by all of us as a pleasing and preferable proportion of different parts of the body….

… and, as you will experience yourself should you achieve the Adonis body, it certainly affects women’s selection of men!

The truth of the matter is this: men with the perfect proportion of 1.168, or something approaching it, get the attention of everybody around them — not just women.

Somehow men’s bodies with a shoulder circumference to waist circumference ratio of between 1.5 and 1.6 (near the golden ratio) attract all the attention. It’s the same thing that happens when a stunning woman enters a room — all eyes turn to her. (There is a danger of objectification here – read more.)

The explanation for this probably lies in sexual selection – this perfect ratio is somehow is associated with genetic fitness, which is what women over many millenia have subconsciously looked for in men when they’re selecting somebody to “mate” with.

And though other factors of greater significance affect our lives today, we’re all still influenced by our genetic inheritance.

So like it or not, this is how the golden ratio, something you can achieve with the Adonis index workout, will give you an unfair advantage in life. This is in fact the Adonis effect.

A man with a Golden Index Ratio of 1.724 – how does he look to you?

You may be interested to know what your shoulder circumference to waist circumference ratio is right now. So here’s the next step in how to take the measurements you need to work out your own Adonis index (your phi, PHI, or golden index).

Measure Your Adonis Index Ratio

phi-292x300To start with, a myotape is best for this purpose — you can easily get one online (look it up on Google). But if you don’t have one and you’re not bothered with achieving greater accuracy, then an ordinary sewing measuring tape is OK.

Take these measurements early in the morning before you have anything to eat, and certainly not after you’ve done a workout.

The shoulder measurement is the circumference of your upper body at shoulder height, in fact at the widest part of your shoulders. This probably means the tape will be located somewhere around the top of your armpit.

When you measure your waist, take it that your belly button, and put the tape around yourself like a belt. Now you have to do the mathematics: you take your height and multiply it by 0.447.

This is actually the ideal waist size for your height, and so you can get an idea of the objective that you’re striving for if you’re going to engage with the Adonis system.

Video – A TED talk on the Golden Ratio

Next, take your shoulder size, and divided by your waist size. The Adonis eBook download (of the training program) gives you a table of ideal ratio of waist to shoulder for your height.

When you look at the relevant ratio for you in the Adonis eBook, you can see how it compares with how you are at the moment. This means that you now know what you have now, and you know what you’re aiming for.

You might be wondering what about the effect of your natural body shape on these calculations. That’s certainly an important question, because common observation tells the not everyone has the same body shape. Or at least, it looks that way.

Before and after Adonis
From this to this with Adonis?

But the truth of the matter is actually subtly different. When you remove the excess fat, it turns out that we all are much more similar in body shape than you might imagine.

Furthermore, only one factor really affects muscle size and shape — and that is how tall you are. That’s the reason that the height to waist ratio determines your Adonis index.

In short, what it amounts to is this: that no matter what your body for may look like, if you actually choose the correct workout – like the Adonis Golden Ratio training program, a.k.a. the Adonis workout system – and you actually engage with the proper nutrition program, you’ll be able to bring your body back to its own individual ideal of size and form.

The Nutrition Software

This is an astounding piece of software which will take your body height, weight, and other measurements, and produce not only your current Adonis Index, but also a progress report showing how far you’ve advanced since you started the program, an explanation of the calories that you need to eat on a daily basis, and all the other information (including the amount of protein that is required to sustain a healthy diet).

This kind of information is the sort of information that will power you towards the goals that you set yourself when you signed up for the Adonis program.

There isn’t any other system I’m aware of on the market which offers the same kind of detailed progress reports and data about your ideal waste and shoulder circumference.

And remember, these are the measurements that will actually help you achieve the golden ratio as you enjoy your workouts and Adonis diet.

Now speaking of adapting your diet, the Adonis meal system is an incredible guide which gives you complete details of every meal that you’re going to eat throughout your entire 12 weeks Adonis workout program.

So what makes this even more extraordinary is that your nutritional guide is personalized just for you – you certainly won’t see anything like this anywhere else in the Internet! (Particularly since this is accompanied by a “how-to” video, in which you can find all the information you need to make success of using this nutritional software!)

And the Adonis calculator will show you exactly what progress you’re making towards the ideal body shape!

On the left-hand side of this screen there’s a menu which lists all the exercises available for different parts of the body, including arms and abs, shoulders, legs, chest, calf and back.

These are actually specialist workouts designed to fine-tune any part of your anatomy which requires it, any part of it which is slightly resistant to the overall Adonis program.

They are therefore called booster workouts.

To take but one example of this, the Arms and Abs Assault Is explained by John Barban as follows. Of course we all want greater arms, because they’re a significant symbol of masculinity and strength. So not only will YOU look great when they’re developed, but you will actually be sending out a fantastic signal about who you are and your philosophy of life to any prospective partner.

Strong arms and abs are the finishing touch on a well-rounded muscular physique – and using advanced muscle building techniques, and some particularly imaginative work-out strategies which force extra growth, your biceps and triceps will become full and pumped.

And the abs section of this program will not only flatten, but also tighten, your muscles so that you can build deep abdominal definition.

I’m sure you can see how this particular selection of workouts can accelerate you massively towards bodybuilding success.

It’s completely, absolutely fantastic! This is the level of specialist information that only a few people who are undertaking an exercise program can ever hope to have access to!

And because it’s all information that is exactly and precisely personalized to your requirements, whether that’s fat loss or muscle building or some personal combination of both, there is absolutely no risk of you going wrong with the dietary component of this program…

You’ll lose weight quickly – 12 pounds in 10 weeks would be regarded as modest success with Adonis!

One of things that stands out about Adonis is the personalized nutrition guide written by John Barban himself. He spent a long time, a large proportion of his working life, working on nutritional supplements – nobody who knows more about it than him.

So when you’ve achieved your ideal weight and body shape, the nutritional supplements that John explains in the Adonis Golden Ratio Nutritional Supplements Guide will keep you in peak condition – and John explains precisely what effects they have on your body, as well as how and why you need to take them.