How The Adonis System Evolved

It’s worth recapping some of the history of the Adonis Golden Ratio.

The men behind the Adonis system are Kyle Leon and John Barban.

Video: Here they are talking about the Golden Ratio 

Kyle’s a guy who is very experienced in the world of body building. And John’s a guy who’s spent his life studying and teaching nutrition, human physiology and human performance at many prestigious venues, not least of which was the University of Florida.

But the theory that he learned on those courses was of little use in helping him improve his own body shape.

That came out of a strange discovery he made in the course of his work. More about this in a moment.

But first, you need to know that John Barban was a weedy guy in his early twenties – not the world-class bodybuilder he looks like today. 

And sure, John is also a good salesman – but he has a really good product in the Adonis Golden ratio, a product which can be genuinely helpful for a lot of men who want to look better and feel fitter. So let’s ignore the hype and see what he has to offer.

Success with Adonis
Success with Adonis – imagine getting this level of improvement!

One of the stories John tells about when he was changing in the locker room will be something most men recognize: there he was, skinny and pear-shaped, finding a corner to hide in so other men couldn’t see his weedy body, only to be mortified by the shirtless reflection of his soft, skinny, fat, flabby and pear-shaped body in the mirror.

Well – I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly been there.

And for John BARBAN, this was the turning point.

Why? Because,  like a lot of us,  John found there’s only a certain number of times you can see yourself as the skinny, flabby, pear shaped guy you are before you begin to feel really bad about it!

Usually it’s a matter of mere dislike – but sometimes it’s a matter of self-loathing too.

And the thing that really matters about this is the effect it has on women.

Sure, a lot of websites suggest that women are more interested in a guy’s personal qualities (is he caring, will he stick around?) than how he looks with his shirt off.

But that’s NOT the point.

What matters is how YOU feel with your shirt off – because a good body makes a man feel supremely confident –  and there’s nothing that attracts a woman more than supreme self-confidence in a man.

As you may know, self-confidence can be hard to feel when your body looks like a flabby piece of fat.

Right – so back to the discovery made by John Barban. You might be wondering what it was.

Well, to put it simply, at the point where John had seen his body in the mirror in the locker room he says he was “pretty much ready to give up the losing battle that he was having with his natural body shape”. And that was when he made an interesting discovery.

A discovery rooted in the work he was doing – studying human anatomy, physiology, nutrition and psychology.

And in that research he came across the fact that there is a particular body shape which has been regarded with respect by other men for millennia.

More importantly, it’s the body shape which attracts women.

You see, there’s a genetic program at work in our minds which associates a certain body shape with good male genes – and women, subconsciously, are programmed to look for that body shape.

It’s a sign of male fitness and desirability.

This is what’s called sexual selection in biology. It’s like the male peacock’s tail: female peacocks are attracted to male peacocks with the biggest tails.

That’s how mother nature has designed matters so that the female peacocks gets the fittest and healthiest male to fertilize her eggs.

In human terms, this particular male body shape is a subconscious signal to a woman that she is getting a high-class male to reproduce with. Women go for this before all other male body shapes…. especially the ones which signal, flabby, out of condition, couldn’t give a sh*t about myself, men on the horizon.

Sexual selection? You might say, what’s that got to do with us, today?

Well, no matter that we use contraception and that most sex doesn’t produce children – the genetic program still works.

Women still want  a man with this body shape above all others.

And it follows that if you’re a man who’s got this particular body shape, then you WILL be a lot more successful with women because you’re already showing a signal that makes them interested in you.

But this body shape isn’t just about being muscular and well-built – it’s about a certain proportion or ratio of shoulder circumference to waist circumference.

A ratio known as the Golden Ratio.

In the next post we’ll have a look at why this matters, and how every man can develop the Golden Ratio in his own body – regardless of how big or small he is…..