A Review Of Some Extra Bonuses You Can Buy

Great news! To help you keep things on track, Adonis offers optional add-on extras (also known as “upsells”) for a small purchase price!

Opportunity #1

Here’s How To Keep Your Momentum Going…

Buying Adonis is a wonderful physique enhancing decision which can change your life. Literally.

You’ll get everything you need to make a remarkable transformation … but there are even more possibilities.

You see, the main Adonis Golden Ratio program is designed to target and remove as much fat and build as much lean muscle as humanly possible in 12 weeks.

However, research and experience with thousands of men proves your body will hit an unavoidable and frustrating plateau at about that 12 week mark. And this is only natural.

At this point it’s necessary to reprime and reset your endocrine and central nervous system in order to continue seeing amazing results week after week. But don’t worry!

If you want to take things further, and cement your success, the “Final Phase” of Your Transformation is covered in the Adonis Final Phase.

This is a 12 week anabolic, ab sharpening solution, which you can – if you wish – take up immediately after the final day of your main program. Let me be clear: not all men will wish to take this option, but for great results, it’s worth the investment.

Adonis Final Phase was built specifically to avoid this 12 week fat loss and muscle-building plateau while chiseling and refining your new, head turning body.

As the authors say, “Your custom Final Phase nutrition and training program is essentially designed to pulverize plateaus, fix and strengthen the masterpiece you’ve already built, and take you all the way home.”

Insanity-Workout-60-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee-1Not only that, but the Final Phase is widely considered the most enjoyable phase because you must incorporate more of your favorite ‘cheat foods’ while lifting weights –  nice and heavy – a great bonus!

This program is really your last piece of the puzzle.

And of course, there’s a 100% money back guarantee to make this decision extremely easy for you!

Opportunity # 2

Accelerate Your Results with the 84 Day Done-For-You Adonis Golden Ratio Meal Plans and Save BIG!

Your Nutrition Can Make or Break You…

It’s NO SECRET that nailing your nutrition is absolutely the make or break part of your amazing transformation.

That’s why John Barban spent an immense amount of time, energy, and money developing the Adonis free software that gives you all of your nutritional needs.

So, you’re all set – provided you don’t mind putting together your meals and grocery lists to match up with your nutritional requirements.

However, Barban had many requests to take it to the next level — where everything is done for you!

So he is giving you the chance to invest in this optional book – which has 12 weeks’ worth of completely DONE FOR YOU meal plans!

These will take all the thought and work out of putting your meals together ……

In these 12 week meal systems, you’re given details of EXACTLY what to eat and what ingredients to buy, in a cost effective way that ensures the results keep on coming, all the while allowing you to completely focus on the rest of your life.

Barban’s done ALL the hard work for you. In these strategic systems, you’ll never wonder what to eat or even if it’s “good for you”.

Not only that, but you only eat the foods you like. After all, who wants to chew on cardboard all day, every day?!

You’ll get delicious, yet cost effective meals SPECIFICALLY designed to keep you on pace as you race towards your ideal body.

Not only that, but you’ll get a food exchange list which allows you to seamlessly swap out foods you hate for foods you love, right on the fly.

These plans include complete grocery lists that make shopping a breeze and ensure you’re NEVER wasting money on food that rots inside your refrigerator.

Food like this on a diet? YES!

And these super nutritional guides come for such a small investment you’ll wonder how you could ever managed without them!

Heck, that ALONE will save you a ton of money. And even better, you can get these time-saving, economical meal systems for only $29.95  (that’s around 36 cents PER MEAL).

So if you want everything done for you, and you want to save a ton of time, and put together the best tasting, money saving meals, all you need to do is buy into this book, which comes with the Adonis Golden Ratio.

Opportunity # 3

How to use the Adonis Golden Ratio to your advantage in your social, dating, and work life!

Get a body like this with the Adonis Golden Ratio
Get a body like this with the Adonis Golden Ratio
Ideal Body Proportions?

With your Adonis Golden Ratio System you can get an optional 167 page manual that explains the research behind it all and why the Adonis Effect is the great equalizer.

Barban spent 10 years researching how to create the perfect body and how to use all of the opportunities that perfect body creates to your advantage… Now he’s put it all down in a 167 page manual for you.

Remember, it’s not only a new body you’re creating… it’s a new presence, a new EFFECT on others as well…

The fact is, there’s no amount of money that can buy the influence you’ll generate over others in the first 4 seconds of meeting them.

So how about learning the amazing truths of how you can maximize the Adonis Effect to:

  • Rekindle your current relationship or attract someone new…
  • Enjoy more and better sex due to the carnal nature of the “lust” effect…
  • Take advantage of new opportunities in business due to the “Halo Effect”…
  • Become the respected and admired man you deserve to be… the kind of man people naturally DEFER to… the man people assume is a natural born leader and who naturally dominates any social setting, from the very first moment he walks into a room…

By investing in this part of the optional Adonis material, you will find you can use the Adonis Effect to achieve more success in your life, your business, and your relationships than you ever thought possible.

Indeed, those of us who tried all this stuff ten years ago had to do it alone. Now you can buy the knowledge and avoid reinventing the wheel! I know you’ll love it… 

Along with this come 3 premium audios from the Adonis Uncensored Catalog, which include:

  • The Bulking Conspiracy – Exposing all the flaws of the bulk and cut approach from a research perspective
  • The Truth About Steroids – Who’s on them, who isn’t, and why it matters. This will SHOCK YOU – information from a true insider in the game.
  • How Muscles REALLY Grow – discover the real reasons muscles grow! Discover the exact process so you never get stuck believing in false science (“broscience”) again!

These 3 premium audios from the Adonis Uncensored Catalog cost just $19.95 (well under half the normal price and a virtual steal if I’ve ever seen one!)