The Truth About The Adonis System

Amazingly, many scientific studies have demonstrated that women really are genetically programmed – hardwired, if you like – to seek out men with a particular body shape and they are sexually attracted to them as well!

Maximize attractiveness with John Barban’s Adonis Diet and Fitness system for men, based on the concept of the Golden Ratio
Maximize YOUR attractiveness with John Barban’s Adonis Diet and Fitness system for men, based on the concept of the Golden Ratio

That body shape is based on  a specific proportion of your shoulder circumference to your waist circumference.

This specific proportion produces an immediate effect on women (sexual attraction) and men too (men see you as more dominant) because it signifies a genetically superior man.

So of course the further away you are from this ideal body shape, the more difficult you’re going to find it to get respect from other men and the less often you’ll find women are interested in you sexually. Sad but true (read the bit about “fit for sex”). 

And so, since this body shape really does give you a genetic advantage, you’re probably wondering how it plays out in life.

Studies have shown that women prefer men who have a particular ratio of shoulder circumference to waist circumference, no matter what their overall body size may be.

In other words, this isn’t about bodybuilding for the sake of bodybuilding – it’s about finding the diet and exercise program which gets you as close to your own personal Adonis shape as possible. 

That’s where the term Adonis Golden Ratio comes from!

And interestingly enough, it turns out that all men, genetically, have a bone structure that allows them to develop these bodily proportions.

Yes! No matter what your body shape might look like at the moment, you can find, with the help of the Adonis program written by John Barban, the ideal set of exercises and the ideal diet which will bring you back to YOUR INDIVIDUAL and IDEAL body shape, one which shows off the golden ratio to best advantage. See the right hand column up above if you want to visit the official Adonis website.

And the amazing thing is that you can actually start right now by taking your current measurements and working out how near to the Golden Ratio you actually are.

And from that measurement, which you can feed into the software provided by the Adonis Program, you can get a unique, personal and highly customized 12 week training, nutrition and supplementation blueprint that will give you the body shape ideal for attracting women – regardless of your underlying body size.

Before and after Adonis
You can take your body shaping with the Adonis system just as far as you want.

It’s this element of personalization which makes the Adonis system so unique.

Without going into great detail in this post, there are a few things to emphasize about why this really is the diet and exercise program for men that beats all others! Here are just some of the great things about the Adonis system:

  • The software produces a personalized series of exercises and tells you which exercises you must avoid.
  • You get a super-simple nutritional software program which will customize your diet to your needs, allowing you to eat only what you need for maximum fat loss and maximum muscle growth.
  • You get detailed meal plans complete with calories contained in them, produced specially for you – everything is customized for you individually.
  • You don’t need to give up your favorite foods.
  • You get a guide to the foods which will be most effective for you, and the system shows you how to match them to the workouts so your efforts produce the best overall effect.
  • You get the truth about supplements and fat burners.
  • You get full on and off-line support from experts who know all about the Adonis system.
  • You become part of a community of men who are seeking the same outcome as you.
  • You’ll experience the meaning of true brotherhood and mutual support.
  • You’ll get at least three special bonuses for your basic membership fee of $37!
  • With all that going for you, I believe Adonis gives you the greatest possible chance of success you ever had!
  • If you want to look at the official Adonis Website now, click on the link in the top of the right hand column of this page.

Video – John Barban and Kyle Leon talk about the Adonis System and the Golden Ratio